GGA Packaging - Wrapper Infeed Products with Positioning

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Cross Conveyor

Cross Conveyor

Cross Conveyor tray-style, side-by-side load, perpendicular wrapper infeed system

RightMove™ Synchronized Positioning System

RightMove RightMove Plus RightMove II

RightMove™ Synchronizing Conveyor Infeed with multi-servo belt product positioning

RightMove™ Plus Synchronizing Conveyor Infeed with product staging and multi-servo belt positioning

RightMove™ II Synchronizing Conveyor Infeed with product maintaining and machine flight positioning

Rotary Placing System


RPS-5000 Rotary Placing System to sort and dispense items into Cross Conveyor tray (card placing application shown)

Friction Card Feeding System


FF-2000 Friction Card Feeding System to insert card-type items into each flight of a packaging line